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The Seventh International Scientific and Practical Conference on Security Printing Watermark Conference-2017: Ekaterinburg, 4-6 July 2017.

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The Watermark Magazine provides the unique opportunity to promote your products and find new partners and customers in Russia and all over the world!

We are glad to propose the following options:

• Advertisements
• News
• Articles
• Interviews and comments
• Inserts of booklets, advertising samples, and other promotional materials.


The Watermark Digest (in English)

Square Size
(width height in mm)
Price in Euro
(incl. 18% VAT)
Full page 215x280 1530
1/2 page (horizontal) 215x140 800
1/2 page (vertical) 108x280 800
1/3 page (horizontal) 215x93 550
1/3 page (vertical) 72x280 500
Inside back cover 215x280 1830
Outside back cover 215x280 2140

The Watermark Magazine (in Russian)

Square Size
(width height in mm)
Price in Euro
(incl. 18% VAT)
Full page 215x280 1680
1/2 page (horizontal) 215x140 875
1/2 page (vertical) 108x280 875
1/3 page (horizontal) 215x93 610
1/3 page (vertical) 72x280 610
Inside back cover 215x280 2000
Outside back cover 215x280 2350

We provide a 20% discount for text materials and multiple advertisements as well as a number of bonuses (articles, banner, emailing, etc.)


For advertising opportunities please contact:
Tel: +7 (812) 495-43-01 (-02), 346-50-15 (-16, -17, -18)

Commercial Director
Yelena Yegorova - egorova@watermark.ru

PR & Advertising
Galina Grigoryeva - galina@watermark.ru






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